7 Story Ideas in 7 Days. Part 1.

Hello, my fellow artists! I recently looked at my DOIN (Declaration of Independence aka business plan) to see what to tackle next on the writing side of my career. And currently, I’ve been submitting a feature film script and a half-hour pilot script to well-established, legitimate writing competitions. So now, it’s time to go on a new literary journey! And one of the career checklist items within my DOIN says to “Generate story ideas using the exercise provided at the end of chapter one of ‘My Story Can Beat Up Your Story.'” This book, by Jeffrey Alan Schechter, is designed to help writers understand how to craft a strong and compelling story structure for feature film scripts.

I read chapter one again, and I’ve decided to generate one story idea each day for the next seven days. I’m not going to judge my impulses and instincts. I won’t critique them. I will be “on go” and allow myself to generate and write these ideas down. And then, next Sunday, I will provide an update on how it went. I will also reveal what part two will be (yes, there will be a part two!) I want to generate several ideas because I am eyeing a couple of writing courses I’d like to take through Sundance Collab (this is another item on my career checklist I want to tackle.) I want to take one of these ideas and develop them into a feature film script in one of these writing courses. Keep reading below.

Until next week! Oh yeah, on the theatrical acting side, I am still researching movies and TV shows for potential scenes to perform in scene study class. Next up, I am going to watch “Raising Arizona”, “A Fish Called Wanda”, “Dead Poets Society”, and I will continue watching season one of “Yellowstone” to keep exploring the role of Jamie. On the commercial acting side, I set a three-month goal at the beginning of the year to secure commercial representation. I diligently crossed things off my career checklist in that pursuit. And recently, my agency decided to expand their commercial footprint. I jumped on the opportunity and am now represented theatrically and commercially under one roof. Securing commercial representation has now been accomplished and checked off my DOIN. The next step is to take classes with commercial casting directors.


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