It’s The Little Things That Count.

I found myself getting into a little bit of K-SHIT FM recently. K-SHIT FM is a term that we use at the Richard Lawson Studios to determine which radio station we are listening to. K-SHIT FM is the station that plays all of the negative voices, doubts, fears, considerations, etc. that make us less effective as people and artists. K-SHIT FM plays very loudly and minimizes our creative genius and our ability to be causative, powerful individuals.

And then, there’s K-ART FM. This is the station that plays all of the affirmations, wins, celebrations, cheerleaders, etc. that make us more effective as people and artists. This is the station we want to turn up loudly and listen to instead.

So I found myself in a bit of K-SHIT FM with my blog. I felt that unless I was blogging about how I landed a series regular role or how my series got picked up by a major streaming network or how I won an Emmy or Oscar, that my blog wasn’t valid. That what I was sharing wasn’t important. But because of my training, I got off that bullshit really quickly. This career is a journey. Not every week of my journey is going to be an Oscar win or a series pick up. It’s about all of the little things in between that contribute to and lead me to the Oscar win or series pick up. It’s the little things and details that will get me closer to the top of my personal Mount Everest. Step by step. Keep reading below.

This is my journey, and I won’t minimize it in any way. I’m in the fucking trenches every day moving things forward. My career administration group recently acknowledged me for the way that I systematically, specifically, and methodically go after my career administration. It’s March 12th, 2023 (Happy Academy Awards day by the way!) I have done a lot in 71 days on both the acting and writing sides. It’s the little things and details that add up. Little things I’ve been doing like:

1. Now that I am back in Scene Study, what exercises do I want to do first so that I get used to working on a stage again? Song and Dance? Improv? Laugh/Cry exercise? Keep reading below.

2. Great, what scenes do I want to work on to work out my acting chops again? Jamie from “Yellowstone”? Dr. Berger from “Ordinary People”? Kendall Roy from Succession? James Novak from Scandal? Keep reading below.

3. Asking questions in class to expand my knowledge as an actor and storyteller. Keep reading below.

4. Submissions of my pilot script and feature film script to established writing competitions to get my work out there. Keep reading below.

5. Relationship map outflow to support others and put myself out there. Keep reading below.

6. Reading up on writing emails I receive to expand my knowledge as a writer. Keep reading below.

7. Signing up for Casting Access classes to get in front of TV and film casting directors. Keep reading below.

8. Looking at which commercial classes to take so I can book commercials. Keep reading below.

9. Looking at new ideas for my next pilot or feature film script. Keep reading below.

10. Social media posts to engage with others, to share my career wins and journey, and to share my interests. Keep reading below.

11. Attending my weekly career administration group meetings so that I’m held accountable for the things I say I’m going to do for my career, and to hold my fellow members accountable as well. Keep reading below.

12. Sending out letters to different organizations to build my blog audience. Keep reading below.

13. Finishing edits on my TV series bible. Keep reading below.

14. Researching literary managers. Keep reading below.

15. Memorizing sides weekly to practice memorization. Keep reading below.

16. Looking at writing classes to take through Sundance Collab. Keep reading below.

See you all next week!


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