Inside The Life Of A Writer

A quick look inside the life of a writer. Let me know in the comments below what I left off and what you do as a writer!

4 thoughts on “Inside The Life Of A Writer”

  1. O-M-G!!!!
    Dear Chasing the George. Have you been spying on me? LOL! EVERYTHING YOU DID IS WHAT I DO!!! (Just different songs). You’ve left nothing out! Now, please please please tell me WHHHHYYYYYYYYY???? And how do I change that??? You are so great! How do you get past “it”, short of going to a secluded cabin? What is your secret?

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    1. Hi Mercedes! I’m glad my video blog resonated with you. In terms of the “why”, I believe it’s our way of not confronting. We create many of these distractions to avoid confronting our own greatness, our own responsibility, our own creativity. Writing is a huge confront and many of us would rather do other things than to just buckle down and write! In terms of what I do to get past my considerations or filters or writer’s block, I will go for a walk to get some air. Or I’ll go for a jog and play kick-ass music during my jog. Or I’ll dance my ass off to kick-ass music. Those actions always help me to find the answer. Also, setting a scheduled time to write also works wonders. In addition, patience and trust that you can and will do the job also helps. For example, I was tasked to write a scene for a friend and colleague of mine. I was stumped. I was drawing blanks. However, I gave myself permission to be patient and to trust that it will come to me. Within a few minutes, the answer came to me and I wrote a kick-ass scene for them! I gave myself permission to be patient and to trust that the creativity and words would come to me! And they did!


  2. True true true….just when you think you’ll never find the answer…it comes!!! A little less self torture, and a bit more trust and confidence that if you persist…it will come..and it does!

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