What I Really Want In 2016

Aside from the obvious goal of taking my career to the next level and ruling the world, what else do I really want in 2016 on a personal level? What do I really want that will fill my spirit? Some goals:

1) Meet my partner in crime. Someone who is definitely on my artistic career bus and supports me. Together, we raise each other up to be the best versions we can be in our personal and professional endeavors. Someone I can laugh with, cry with, rule with, feel alive with. Someone who encourages me to jump because they’ll be my safety net.

2) To experience various forms of art. Experiences that make me fall to my knees, that make me weep, where the Holy Spirit enters my body, where I have visions, where I speak in tongues, where my senses are assaulted, etc. These things immediately come to mind:

**The rain room at LACMA:



**To experience art together with my partner in crime

**Attend the LA Philharmonic

**Would love to see Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky’s magnificent “The Sleeping Beauty”. The first 45 seconds alone rocks me. I am seriously considering extending those first 45 seconds on Audacity:  http://youtu.be/hJkTvPXRztU

**Would love to see the German opera, “Der Freischutz”, by Carl Maria von Weber. MY GOD, the famous Wolf’s Glen scene alone is worth the price of admission. “Hilfe Samuel!” The pathos, the desperation, the evaluation and degree to which a person goes to get what they want:  https://youtu.be/rdUdnDpnqFQ

3) Travel! At least twice this year to decompress, check in with myself and reset before going back on my artistic journey. I would love to go back to Cape Cod and Hawaii. I used to visit Cape Cod every other weekend during the summer after my sophomore year at Vassar. Rustic, quaint, New England, beautiful beaches, great seafood. Feels like a different place and time. Must own summer home there. Hawaii…the minute I stepped off the plane, the ancestors of Hawaii entered my body and I had a religious experience. The history of Hawaii ran through my veins. Beautiful, stunning, wonderful. Must go back.

And while I’m at it, more self-care in the form of massages, acupuncture, etc.



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