A Big Win With James Franco!

Hey everyone!

Last Sunday, I mentioned that I was taking a big action for my career on Monday, July 24th. That I was taking an action that would move one of my projects significantly closer towards my goal for it. I also mentioned this was a project I had been diligently working on since November 2014 and I postulated how everything would go on Monday.

The project was my feature film script that I wrote with James Franco in mind to play the villain and I successfully dropped it off to his production company!!! Shortly after I dropped off my script, my management company emailed his production office a PDF copy of my script! And let me say that this wasn’t an unsolicited drop off. This was a result and culmination of all the hard work I’ve done to get to this point. And I am filled with extreme gratitude and pride.

Monday was a lesson and RECONFIRMATION of many things.

#1 Postulates. I saw exactly how the drop off would go. I saw how the conversation would go with the contact person at his production office. I saw it so clearly. Now, on the day of, there were a couple of hilarious twists and turns that were thrown into the mix, but they still led me to the postulate I had. Everything played out how I saw it in my mind. And because I saw it in my mind, I was able to deliver my product successfully in person.

#2 Community. I could not have done this without the support of my teacher, my trusted classmates and friends. Richard Lawson for teaching me what it means to create your own career and to go after it. My classmates for asking me the next question when I would present my script in class and when I would present ideas I had to create exposure for it (e.g. From having a table read to creating an extensive social media campaign) Lindsay Hopper for researching and gathering info the week before. Reed Iacarella for being the best assistant a person could have. You are a great cheerleader!

#3 Research. Knowing what I’m walking into. Knowing who the buyers are. Speaking their language and vibe. When you take the time to do research and be thoughtful about your outflow to someone, it makes a difference. Research creates an honest connection and it was incredibly satisfying to see items that I had already been outflowing to them in their possession.

#4 Always be nice to the gatekeepers! They are the first line of defense: Security guards, receptionists, assistants, etc. We were so nice to the gatekeeper and treated them like a fellow human being, that they quickly became our ally. When we arrived, the person we were looking for wasn’t there yet. We waited. We knocked on the door. We made a phone call. We then decided to go downstairs and because we were so nice to the gatekeeper, they asked us how it went. When we told them that our contact person wasn’t there, they immediately said, “Wait, I just saw them go upstairs. Go back up there!” They wanted us to successfully complete our meeting.

#5 Celebrate. After all was said and done, I celebrated and let it go. I focused on that win. What happens afterwards, happens afterwards. The win was that I delivered my script to James and his staff. My manager also delivered my script to them. That’s the win. I delivered my product. The rest is out of my hands now. I DELIVERED my product and the rest is now out of my hands.

That being said, I WILL finish my social media campaign today (Sunday) just to complete that cycle of action (and so everyone can see all the cool celebrity endorsements I utilized to create visibility for my feature film) And I’ve already begun working on securing an attachment for the female hero and lead of my feature film script.

Onward and forward!

Taking It To The Next Level!

Hello everyone! Hope you’re all having a good weekend! In true Chasing The George fashion, I am taking a big action for my career on Monday, July 24th! I am taking an action that will move one of my projects significantly closer towards my goal for it. This is a project I have been diligently working on since November 2014 and I am postulating the way everything will go not only for Monday, but beyond.

I am very excited. I feel incredibly empowered. I feel gratitude for the career I am creating for myself.

Stay tuned for next Sunday’s blog for more info on what I’m talking about and how it all went!

My 100th Blog Post (& Celebrity Friends!)

This is my 100th blog post!! Holy shit! What an amazing and blessed journey this has been! I thank you all for taking this weekly journey with me on Hollywood 101 advice and the journey I’m on to create the career I want. And what better way to mark this milestone moment than with this:

On Thursday, June 1st, I officially launched the next phase of my feature film project. I wrote a feature film script with James Franco in mind to play the antagonist. I started this journey in early November 2014. This new phase includes working with my team to get the script to him, plus a social media campaign that includes a little endorsement help from my celebrity friends.

On June 1st, the exquisite former First Lady, Michelle Obama, was the first to endorse my feature film script for James Franco on Twitter and Instagram. On Monday, June 5th, a new celebrity will endorse my feature film on Twitter and Instagram.

Twice a week, I will receive a new celebrity endorsement because they believe in my script and want James Franco to read it and attach himself to it.

Chasing The George!!!!!! Keeping it 100!

Michelle Obama endorsement

Why I Write.

Nothing gives me more power than being able to write my own shit. The pen is
truly mightier than the sword. The keyboard is definitely mightier than the sword.

Writing allows my voice to be heard.

Writing gives me the opportunity to create compelling characters for myself that Hollywood wouldn’t necessarily give to me or see me in upon first glance. Or second glance. Or third glance. Or never. And not only can I write it, I can shoot it as well and present the evidence to others. Okay!

Writing gives me the opportunity to create compelling characters for my friends. I want to be on set with my friends!!!

As a writer, I made myself the boyfriend.

As a writer, I made myself the boyfriend to a transgender woman.

As a writer, I made myself the guy starting life all over again in the concrete jungle of NYC.

As a writer, I made myself the guy who stands up against James Franco.

As a writer, I made myself the guy who strikes up an unconventional relationship with a teenager.

As a writer, I made myself the guy trying to hold it together in a family business.

As a writer, I made myself the guy who maybe, just maybe, will finally follow his gut and his heart.

As a writer, I made myself the writer repped by ICM who has had wonderful success with his first two feature film scripts, but now needs help with his latest ones.

Writing allows me to be the things people don’t see me in, don’t want to see me in, can’t see me in, won’t consider me in, etc.

As a writer, I can defy the stereotypes that Hollywood places on Latino actors. I can write stories where I actually live in a beautiful home. Where I actually have a wonderful career. Where I actually have a college education. Where I actually have wonderful, informed conversations with Harvey Weinstein, Guy Oseary and Megan Ellison. Where I make decisions. Where I save the day. Where I save the world. Where I save a student. Where I save a community.

Writing means that the sky’s the limit.

Writing lets my imagination soar.

Writing allows me to show another side.

Writing allows me to be dangerous.

Writing allows me to make the world a little more colorful.

Writing allows me to play some amazing and cool fucking characters.

Amen. Amen. Amen.

My Current Mood: Picture of the writer. Phase Two of my writing attack has begun. WGA registration, U.S. Copyright, Without A Box writing competitions, other writing competitions, WME, UTA, Paradigm, Innovative outflow. TV series, feature film. James Franco screenplay deadline of April 20th.

My Current Mood: Picture of Madonna. I’m passing through the challenges. Remember that time when…? Because I’m having breakthroughs and the bigger ones are coming. I’m the real motherfucking deal. Remember my face.