Let’s Go On Tour!

Hello everyone! I wanted to quickly share a passion project of mine that I would love to do at some point. I would love to sing a set of songs with a symphony orchestra and perform at various symphony houses around the world! I also see media integration with each song! What is one of your passion projects? Leave me a comment below!

Here is my set list (Helpful hint: To hear a preview of the songs, you can hit the Play Arrow on the upper left corner of the pictures below. If you want to hear the whole song, you will be asked to open your Spotify app!)

1: ”The Girl and The Robot”—Röyksopp feat. Robyn


2: ”Sissy That Walk”—RuPaul


3: “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road”—Elton John


4: “The Man Who Sold The World”—David Bowie


5: “Frozen”—Madonna


6: “Think”—Information Society


7: “I Feel Love”—Donna Summer


8: “Vogue”—Madonna


9: “Creep”—Radiohead


10: “Once You Lose Your Heart”—Me and My Girl (musical)


11: “Messiah”—Madonna


12: “Monument”—Röyksopp feat. Robyn


13: “Colors (Who I Am)”—Yinon Yahel feat. Meital De Razon


Encore: “Life On Mars”—David Bowie















How I Use Social Media

Okay, let me first start off by saying that I am not the end all be all of social media expertise. If I were, I would have 100 million followers and making bank off of social media.

However, I am proud of the way that I have used social media to put myself out there as a person and as an artist. I am proud of the relationships I have built and the people I engage with. And I am proud of how I have helped people gain clarity about using social media.

And so in today’s blog entry, I wanted to share my point of view as to how and why I use social media. A lot of people have expressed to me their fears, hesitations, allergic reactions, frustrations and confusion regarding social media. Some people would rather spend the rest of their lives in hell than log onto Twitter and deal with hashtags, retweets, mentions and why Twitter only allows 140 characters per tweet.

Some people see social media as yet another thing to add to their list of things to do. Some people see it as a cumbersome or unnecessary burden. Or unimportant. Or a waste of time. Many people continue to avoid social media to this day because they don’t want to post pictures of what they are eating at a restaurant (they actually still believe that this is what social media is all about)

I totally get it. I totally get it. I totally get it. I was one of those people who avoided social media like the plague. But then I looked at the word, “social media”, and what it was originally created and intended for: To use media as a way to be social. To use media as a way to connect, listen and engage with people you are interested in. To use media as a way to build exciting relationships. To use media as a way to let people know about you. You control what you want us to know about you.

How awesome is it that social media allows us access to so many people? Direct access to so many people with no gatekeepers involved? Twitter, Instagram and Facebook give us a first-hand, front row access to the people we love, respect and admire. We have access to engage with a writer, a producer, an animator, a senator, a lawyer, a chef, a wrestler, a teacher, a scientist, a musical theater enthusiast, a clothing designer, a dentist, a charity organization, etc.

When I first started using social media, I made mistakes in terms of cringe-worthy posts and a look at me, look at me, look at me approach and more cringe-worthy posts. I am also guilty of posting a few negative rants back in the day. And it’s okay because once I learned about the power of social media and its true intention, I reshaped my approach.

I use social media as a way to engage with people I am interested in. I use social media to stay engaged with what’s happening in the lives of people that I personally know and that I want to know. I use social media to express my voice as a person and as an artist. As a way for people to learn and know a part of me. I realized that I can’t always post about my career. Great, we get it: You’re an actor. You’re a writer. You’re a showrunner. But what other things is Jorge Ortiz interested in? So I find a balance between sharing my artistic journey with things I am passionate about: Madonna, RuPaul’s Drag Race, music, art work, my sense of humor, my points of view, etc.

I use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on a regular basis and I feel that I do a pretty good job of balancing and showcasing both the professional and personal aspects of my life. Again, I don’t have millions of followers (and building a larger audience is the next level of learning and application for me) but I am proud of what each of my social media pages represent. I love that I am able to honestly engage with people I am interested in. I love that I am able to impinge and make honest connections.

I use the word “honest” because social media is about–for me at least–making honest connections. I am following you because I’m interested in what you do. You speak my language. You do what I want to do. I truly want to connect with you. Be honest because people can spot a fake immediately.

I give props and shoutouts to people I admire. I’m clear as to why I’m engaging with them. I respond to things they post that resonate with me. I cheer them on. I laugh with them.

I feel a sense of pride when I look through my Instagram page @jorgeortizactor 🙂 🙂 🙂 because I see the variety and the thought I put into the professional and personal aspects of my journey. And my Twitter too @jorgeortizactor 🙂 🙂 🙂

Connect with people on social media and build relationships. If someone wanted to work with me or target me, they could easily go through my social media pages and find out how to “cream puff” me with at least five different things I am passionate about. “Cream puff” is a term that famed acting teacher and director Milton Katselas created as a way to build and further relationships. When you are interested in targeting someone or getting on someone’s radar, you have to listen first and see what they like and what they’re interested in. Listen to them, do research on them so that you speak their language. In this way, you bring them a cream puff that is thoughtful and speaks their language. The person who receives the cream puff will be touched/impressed/honored/appreciative because you’ve done your research and gave them a thoughtful, connected gift.

I always ask myself, “What do I want to express today on social media? Will it be in alignment with my voice and brand?” I really do give thought to what I want to express and reveal about myself on social media. Many times, I’ll create my social media plan for the week on Sundays (but I still allow room for inspiration to come in as well throughout the week)

What do I want to express? Because truth be told, people are listening to me. People are watching. People are looking. What do I want to express today? Is it on brand? Is it a reflection of who I am? I want to use social media as a way to engage and build relationships. I also want to use social media as a way to share my journey as an artist and the things I am interested in. On the other side of the coin, I also know what I will not use social media for (e.g. I will not talk about politics, religion, etc.) These are topics that I don’t want to present on my social media pages.

So, for those of you who are reading this and have a profound aversion to social media, I hope this encourages you to give it another try. How can you use social media in a meaningful way that adds something to your life rather than it being a burden or a subtraction from your life? What is the voice you want to put out there? What do you want to share with us? Who do you want to engage with? Who do you want to build relationships with?

And most importantly, have fun! The world is at our fingertips!

You can follow my Instagram and Twitter accounts at @jorgeortizactor

Taking Headshots Part 3

Taking Headshots Part 3

Happy Oscars day! Congrats to all the nominees! I’ll be at a fabulous Oscars party to celebrate my fellow artists.

Here’s a picture of the fabulous photographer Marisa Leigh and I after we wrapped our amazing headshot shoot. It was an incredible and fun experience. Everything flowed so beautifully and I can’t wait to see the pictures online on Monday, February 27th! And I love that I took new headshots the day before the Oscars. Talk about a powerful, mother fucking postulate!

The shoot was such a success because I spent over a month preparing for it. Pre-production is everything! Everything ran smoothly because of all the prep work I did beforehand and I had so much fun during the shoot. It also helped to have a photographer who was open to collaboration and play and who makes you feel at ease (which was part of my pre-production process of researching photographers) And it helped to have someone on set with me from my artistic community to be such a vital support system (Reed Iacarella) And a special shout out to my partner Chris Beber for the support you flowed and for making this a reality.

To catch you up on my headshot process and journey, here are parts 1 & 2 below:

Part 1: http://wp.me/p8uI5M-18

Part 2: http://wp.me/p8uI5M-12

And here are the final steps of my headshot preparation…Part 3:

I got a good night’s sleep.

I ate a good breakfast.

I arrived early. This is something many people take for granted. ARRIVE EARLY GOD DAMMIT! I always arrive early so that I can get settled and get present.

In the week leading up to my headshot session, I created a music play list for each character (Thank you Reed for reminding me to do that!) I created music playlists that put me in the zip code and vibe for each character. Some musical choices were literal. Other musical choices were not, but still put me in the zip code and vibe of each character. Here are my playlists below:

Fashionista/Interior Designer (I wanted fabulous, cunty music)

RuPaul feat. Ab Soto “Cha Cha Bitch” (Ralph Rosario edit)

Erika Jayne “How Many Fucks?”

RuPaul “Cover Girl”

RuPaul “Sissy That Walk”

RuPaul “Supermodel (You Better Work)”

RuPaul feat. Dave Aude “Step It Up”

RuPaul “Glamazon” (Gomi Tribalistic Remix)

**Okay, okay, I’m obsessed with RuPaul and his empire!

Public School Teacher (I wanted music that was positive, inspirational and a little unconventional)

Andy Grammer “Keep Your Head Up”

Sara Bareilles “Brave”

Us3 “Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia)”

Len “Steal My Sunshine”

Office Worker (I wanted music that gave me this feeling of What The Fuck?)

Madness “House of Fun”

The Proclaimers “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)”

Stealers Wheel “Stuck In The Middle With You”

Capital Cities “Safe And Sound”


Hacker/Hacktivist (I wanted music that was industrial, dangerous, hard, subversive)

The Prodigy “The Day Is My Enemy”

Rob Zombie “Reload”

The Prodigy “Smack My Bitch Up”

White Zombie “More Human Than Human”


Nurse (I wanted music that had a certain sexuality to it. A secret. A mischievousness to it)

Miguel “Adorn”

Alex Clare “Too Close”


Last, but not least, the minute I got to set, I let it all go. I trusted that all the work I did was in me and now it was time to play. I was focused and made sure to follow my headshot template, but I was also open and present to impulses and ideas that Marisa and Reed gave to me on set. I sent Marisa my headshot template on February 2nd and Reed my headshot template the night before. Marisa was on the same page! Reed was able to build upon it and feed me other lines of subtext for my characters. I was prepared and able to let it go. I was able to get what I want and more. I was like, “Yes, and…” “Yes, and…” “That’s great, I love that idea…” “Great, let’s also try that…” I wasn’t locked and rigid in things going my way. I wasn’t unmalleable. I got what I wanted and more! Marisa would show me various takes with each character to make sure we were getting the product I wanted. I was incredibly happy with the work that was being created!

After the headshot session was over, I celebrated! Celebration is vital because it cements the win. It locks in the achievement.

I’m truly happy with the work I put into getting my headshots and the support I received. I can’t wait to look over the headshots online on Monday!

Happy Oscars day!

From Dead Last to Top 3!

Am I talking about being dead last on RuPaul’s Drag Race (You know, the wildly-addictive, funny and touching reality show that looks for America’s next drag superstar)? Am I talking about the drag queens who get eliminated on the first episode of every season like Porkchop, Shangela, Penny Tration, Kelly Mantle, Magnolia Crawford, Tempest DuJour, etc.?


I’m talking about being dead last when my classmates and I in the Professional Development Program 3.0 class created a comprehensive points system in January 2016 to track our progression as the CEO’s of ourselves as artistic businesses. The points system covers many different categories of career administration and the value of the points varies from one category to the next. For example, putting up a scene in class is worth a certain amount of points whereas booking a guest star role on a TV series is worth a higher amount of points. Mailing out postcards is worth a certain amount of points and making an industry phone call is worth another amount of points.

What I love about the points system is that it gives me an accurate picture of where I am thriving as an artist and where I am not. Which areas I am strong in and which areas I need to put more attention on. And you have to be honest about giving yourself points in the different categories because it’s an honest look at your career administration. To cheat the points system in order to be ahead of others only hurts yourself. To cheat and add points that weren’t earned only hurts yourself in the long run. We are a business. We punch in and we punch out. The points system tracks our progress. It’s our profits and loss statements. It’s our growth statements. No point in cheating.

When we started tracking our points back in January, I was shocked to see that I was dead last in terms of points earned. Out of all my classmates, I was dead last for three or four weeks straight. I was mortified! How could I, of all people, be dead last in the areas of career administration?!?!?!?! I’m supposed to be Chasing The George every week!!!! I’m supposed to be the motherfucking man, careering gaily over the waves!!!!

Instead, I looked like the screaming man in the famous painting, “The Scream”, by expressionist artist Edvard Munch. The horrors! The horrors!

Instead of giving up, I decided to focus and study the facts. First of all, I wasn’t clear about what I wanted 2016 to be about on a professional level. That was problem number one. Public enemy number one. Without clarity, my career administration was general and uninspired. I didn’t have clearly-defined goals to work towards. So being dead last was a wake up call for me to get specific about what I wanted 2016 to be about.

Once I got specific about the professional design for 2016, I moved pretty quickly into the second to last position on the overall points earner list. I was earning more points in different categories and that excited me! The points system also forced me to administrate and take action in certain categories that were uncomfortable for me. Categories I had a flinch on. Why does this section have no points at at all? What am I scared of? Focus on this area. Confront it. Be a better artist at the end of the day because I am confronting uncomfortable categories.

As I gained momentum on my career administration, I continued to move up the overall points earner list. If I saw someone gaining up on me, I worked harder and pushed myself further. What risks could I take this week to stay ahead?

On July 8th, we assessed our six-month progress in class and it was really nice to hear the points list administrator acknowledge how cool it was to see me move up the list over the last six months. By the time we assessed our progress on July 8th, I was in the Top 3! I was positioned at #3!

In RuPaul’s Drag Race terms, I was the drag queen who made Top 3! I joined the ranks of past Top 3 Drag Race contestants like Nina Flowers, Alaska Thunderfuck, Roxxxy Andrews, Adore Delano, Courtney Act, Pearl, Ginger Minj, Kimchi, Naomi Smalls, etc. When you make Top 3 in RuPaul’s Drag Race, your career is pretty much set for life. Top 3 is still a rocking place to be even if you aren’t crowned America’s next drag superstar (the person who ultimately comes in at number one) Top 3 is an achievement. These three have shown consistency week to week on the show and also Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent. C.U.N…

Instead of being told to “Sashay away”, I was told, “Shantay, you stay”. Or, more importantly, I told myself to stay and keep fighting.

It was such a gratifying experience to see my hard work pay off.

On July 8th, the points system got revamped and became more streamlined. All our points have been reset and we’re all starting from ground zero again. I hope to be Top 3 again. I’d LOVE to be number one by the time 2016 comes to an end, but I’ll be just as happy with Top 3. Why? Because being Top 3 is still a cause for celebration. It’s still an indication that the work flow I’ve created and maintained for myself is working. It’s still an indication of how consistent my career administration is. Having a work consistency that produces results, that makes an impact and that is in alignment with what I’m about is more important to me.

And at the end of the day, I can rest assured knowing that if I make Top 3 again, I can come back for the All Stars Season…okay, okay, enough of these RuPaul’s Drag Race

(By the way, RuPaul and Michelle Visage, I would LOVE to be a guest judge on a future season of Drag Race! xoxo)