Advice From My Celebrity Friends.

After dealing with the effects of a global pandemic for two years, I finally had the pleasure and experience of attending many screenings and Q&As in 2022. I love immersing myself in my career, and this was an exciting way to put myself out there again and be surrounded by my fellow actors, colleagues, and peers. What was equally exciting was learning and absorbing the various pieces of knowledge and advice from my fellow actors on stage. Each Q&A provided wonderful opportunities to learn something new, or in some cases, to confirm what I already knew. One beautiful example was that I belong. The distance between myself and the actors on stage is not that huge. There is no huge difference between the actors on stage and myself sitting in that audience. Like Jessica Chastain beautifully said in her 2022 SAG Awards acceptance speech for Female Actor in a Leading Role (“The Eyes of Tammy Faye”), “Keep going cause you’re one job away. I promise.” She also told me the same thing in person after the screening and Q&A for “George and Tammy” because I told her how much her speech impacted me.

The other confirmation of what I already knew came from what I kept hearing from one Q&A to the next. And although each panel of actors said it differently, the consensus was: DON’T BE A FUCKING ASSHOLE IN THIS INDUSTRY. I can’t tell you how many times I heard different panels of actors say that they love working with people who make the set a joy. They love working with people who make the filming experience a positive one. They want to work with people that they like. One famous actress and executive producer said they can spot crazy a mile away, and when they see it approaching, they run the other way. They refuse to work with crazy. Another famous actress said that she loves working with people she likes because she knows the experience will be positive, and that they will deliver on a professional level every single time on set. The creators of a hit series said they cast their friends as guest stars, recurring guest stars, and series regulars because they know the set will be fun and drama free. The cast of another hit series said that they cultivated an incredible family culture on their set where both actors and crew respect and elevate each other. This family culture is so important and beautiful that they don’t allow anyone to come in and fuck with it. When I attended that particular show’s Q&A, the actors acknowledged the NUMEROUS crew members who showed up to support them. I have never seen so many crew members attend a Q&A panel for their fellow actors…and you could see the LOVE and ADMIRATION that the cast and crew had for each other that night. KEEP READING BELOW…THERE’S MORE!

Don’t be an asshole. Don’t be difficult. Don’t be hostile. Don’t be a pain in the ass. Don’t be dark energy. Hollywood is a small business, and word travels quickly. I’ve had friends share stories about actors who were up for a series or feature film, but then lose the opportunity because the production was made aware of their past difficult behavior on sets. I commit to being professional, kind, and respectful on set because 1) It’s human decency and 2) What comes around, goes around. Every person on set deserves respect because the creation of art is a communal one. Each department works together to create a work of art. What does being an asshole accomplish? Absolutely nothing.

So there you have it. Simple, direct, and important advice from my celebrity friends. Okay, okay, we’re not like friends (only in my mind and heart LOL.) In all seriousness, I was so immersed and invested during these Q&As that I felt like they were my friends.

P.S. Just for fun, and going back to the confirmation that I belong and that the distance between us isn’t that huge, I wanted to share some pictures I took with my friends (in my mind and heart LOL) whose work impacted me either in that screening, in the past, or both. It was important for me to go up to them, as a colleague, to share what I felt about their work.

Elisabeth Moss:

Michaela Jaé Rodriguez:

James Corden:

Adam Scott:

Jessica Chastain:


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