A Sampling Of My 2021 Wins!

Happy Holidays! As we near the end of 2021, I wanted to share a SAMPLING of the wins (both professional and personal) that I’ve had this year. I study and teach at the Richard Lawson Studios, and one of the concepts at this studio is the tracking of wins and the corresponding celebrations for those wins.

I like this definition of “win” from dictionary.com: “To succeed by striving or effort. To succeed in reaching (a place, condition, etc.), especially by great effort.” In my classes, I also add this point of view: A win is anything that has moved you at least one step forward. And as an example, one of my students shared in class on December 14th that she accumulated 321 wins in 2021!

Tracking wins and celebrating them maintains the journey we are on to have the careers that we want. Tracking wins and celebrating them helps us stay in a state of gratitude and claiming for oneself. At the RLS, a few of the classes were assigned to do a “Wins Film” to take stock of their 2021 wins in 3 minutes or less.

So join me! What wins have you collected in 2021? Take stock of them and you’ll be shocked and amazed at how many wins you have. Large, small, everything in between. A win is a win. It all counts towards the journey.

Enjoy my Wins Film below!

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