I. Am. Superman.

Hello fellow actors, writers, producers, and other fabulous artists! You’ve heard me say this before and I’ll say it one more time: Superman is the reason why I wanted to become an actor. I too wanted to save the world and possess super powers!

Looking back at my life, I see how I have become my own version of Superman and how that has manifested itself in different ways: As an actor, a writer, a producer, a family member, a friend, a partner, a teacher, a student, a human rights and political activist, a HUMAN FUCKING BEING. I have truly demonstrated the qualities I see in Superman: strength, resolve, positive change, give, protection, and yes, fun times. Yes, fun times (Superman can have fun too!)

Being Superman is part of my raison d’être. It’s what keeps me going in my career because in everything that I do, “the world will see that Superman can also be brown and queer because I AM THAT.” Always have. Always will. It’s always been there and I’m utilizing it. I remember being told at a young age that I could never be Superman because I have brown skin. And I made a commitment to myself to become my own Superman. To not limit myself.

Superman can exist in all forms, and throughout my artistic journey, I keep affirming to myself that I am Superman. And hopefully, others around the world will be inspired to become their own Superman (or Batman or Wonder Woman or Spider Man or whatever you want!) Don’t limit yourself!

So who is your own personal superhero that inspires you? Which superhero are you, if any?

Thanks for reading!

Fun fact: I decorate my daily planner (no pun intended with The Daily Planet!) with Superman stickers! It helps to reaffirm my artistic administration.

***Clip of Superman is property of D.C. Comics and I pulled the video from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T0D7ovW5_nM


4 thoughts on “I. Am. Superman.”

  1. Love this Jorge! What an inspiring, motivating and full of positivity thing read to start a new week😍🤩


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