31 Days Of Christmas

I’m BAAACCK! Reunited and it feels so good.
2020. What a fucking year. I’ve been away fighting the good fight for racial equality, preserving our democracy and continuing to administrate my career. Hope all of you are well and also fighting the good fight.
In looking at creating a new blog entry after being away for a long period of time, I couldn’t help but circle back to the power of art and of being an artist. Amongst other things, staying connected to my art has kept me sane, present and grounded in the midst of all of the incredible challenges that 2020 has brought to all of us. I’ve had many wonderful wins despite the crazy twists and turns of 2020.
As 2020 quickly comes to an end, I wanted to challenge myself to do 31 things for my career over 31 days in December. I call it “31 Days of Christmas” because quite frankly, doing administration for my career is fun and rewarding. It feels like Christmas every time I’m in the driver’s seat of my career. And I wanted to create this challenge because I know how easy it can be to slow down and take it easy during December. To think that things are over. However, I want to maintain a sense of outflow to create inflow…inflow that will pay off immediately in December and also in 2021…plant those seeds and water them!
And it won’t be 31 things just to do 31 things. I don’t want to be busy for the sake of being busy. These 31 things will be influenced by my raison d’etre (purpose; reason for being; reason for existence) and to advance my postulates. So I am moving and administrating with intention.
I’m excited because a lot can happen in 31 days!
And no worries, I’ll still make sure to celebrate along the way, take in the holiday spirit, drink some eggnog, play Christmas music, read some good books, relax, have some champagne, watch some Christmas movies, etc.
So come on. Does anyone want to join me? Let’s do this!

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