Why Creating Your Own Content Is Important


As my team and I continue submitting my film, The Doppelganger, to various film festivals, I can’t help but reflect on how important it is to create your own content. Here we go! A free-flow of reasons:

Ownership over your product.

It’s your own personal voice and stamp being put out there for the world to see.

You’re creating your own ticket to the party and you set the parameters for it (cover charge, location, theme, etc.)

It’s exciting. It’s a rush.

Creating your own product is connected to your purpose.

You can create whatever role you want for yourself in your own content.

You’re not waiting for Hollywood to happen. You make Hollywood happen.

Production is the basis for morale. The more you create and produce art, the better you feel.

It’s the 21st-century, y’all! Come join the party!

A great and convenient way to send a link to your work when you are networking with other people in the Industry and they ask you, “Can I see your work?”

You’re not only creating , but also in charge of, your own narrative. You control what’s being put out there and how.

It has worked wonderfully for Issa Rae to Donald Glover and countless artists in between.

I would love to read your comments below in terms of other reasons why creating your own content is important. And I would love to read what you’re currently creating at the moment!


2 thoughts on “Why Creating Your Own Content Is Important”

  1. Hi !!! I would write about why I’m creating my own content but you’ve pretty much covered it all!!! You taught me how to break through the first barriers of iMovie (as I saw it then, lol). I am very proud about how far I’ve come since then. And I am grateful!!! For the first time I am opening my soul to the world with my first work. Feeling a little “arrogant” today! LOL. I’ve even begun sharing/submitting to film festivals myself! (Feeling pretty brave about that! LOL)…..please check out my trailer as a result…

    Thank you for your words of motivation! I’d like to share my current WINNING with you! Enjoy…

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    1. Hi Mercedes! I am so happy to read this. I love this artistic resurgence and awakening that you’re having. Keep that up! Keep doing all of these wonderful and brave artistic actions! And thanks for sending your trailer. Looks great!!


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