James Franco Said No To Me

James Franco said no to me. Okay, okay, insert endless jokes here:

e.g. He said no to me because I’m not a woman. He said no to me because I’m not an underage girl.

I started developing and writing a feature film back in November 2014 and I knew I wanted James Franco to play the antagonist. I tailored this part for him. I was so excited about my feature film script and had a blast writing it. I held a successful table read in August 2016 with working actors and created a clever social media campaign in the summer of 2017 that involved celebrities endorsing my script to James Franco.

In July 2017, my friend and I dropped off a hard copy of my script to his production company, and that same day, we emailed a PDF version of my script to his production company as well.

In November 2017, a fierce and courageous friend and colleague of mine asked me what was the latest news with my script. I told her what was going on and she offered to help me connect the dots and take it to the next level. After Thanksgiving break, I went to her house and we spent three hours connecting the dots. The meeting culminated with her calling James Franco’s manager and emailing my script to them.

I had an audition for a feature film in mid-December that Noah Baumbach was directing and when I got back from my audition, my friend’s assistant told me that James Franco passed on my film. Well actually, his first line of defense at his production company passed on my film. So James never received my script. I just like to say James Franco passed on my film because it will bring in more viewers to my blog 🙂

And I have to say that when I received the news, I felt great! I didn’t take a loss on it. I wasn’t upset or angry. I had nothing on it because I received an answer. I received an answer for this journey I had been on since November 2014. There is no loss. I still have a fun and great script on my hands.

Besides, there’s Dave Franco who could step in and play the antagonist. Or Samuel L. Jackson. Or Finn Wittrock. There are possibilities!

So, this chapter closes on James Franco (for now!)


2 thoughts on “James Franco Said No To Me”

  1. Congratulations, I agree there is no loss. You took the chance and succeeded fully in what you were doing your best to obtain. You made a full script, had so many people back you up. Congratulations fully from my heart to yours keep pouring out that passion that you have so much of.

    There was a scene in Richards class that you wrote about yourself theat I remember when I was in his class. You were talking about how cut throat you are, you were explaining you. Then at the end of your scene you strut around stage. There is an unmistakable beauty about a man, gay or not who can accept himself. You have accepted yourself for a long time I know, but I don’t get to speak with you.

    I know you are doing well, you might remember
    me from the first time that I had my interview with you, to the second time when my ex Chelsea was there. 6’4 African American male, she was 6’2 cocasian. Bye George I’ll be around.


    1. Hey Corey! Yes, I do remember you! Thank you so much for your amazing comment. I appreciate it so much. Your comment reminds me why I blog every week: To inspire people and to include them on my personal journey to have the career I want (while also dispensing Hollywood 101 advice) Thank you again for taking the time out to write me a comment. I hope you’re well!


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