Taking Headshots Part 2

Hi everyone! As promised, I’m back to finish sharing my pre-production process of my upcoming headshot session.

Here is a link to “Taking Headshots Part 1” so you can have that info as well: http://wp.me/p8uI5M-18

So, part 2! This is the rest of my pre-production process for my headshots.

I finalized my photographer from my top 3 list!

I put down a deposit to hold my appointment (February 25th!)

I informed my agent of my upcoming headshot session.

I purchased one final shirt from Target that matches a shirt that the Huck character in “Scandal” wears. I am going for a hacker look.

I completed my headshot template and sent a link to the photographer. The template breaks down the zip code of what I’m going for looks-wise as well as the subtext and inner life of the characters I’m bringing to life. In this way, the photographer and I can be on the same page in bringing those qualities out.

I filled out the form that the photographer emailed me.

I identified and asked someone I trust from my artistic community to be my assistant that day and keep me present.

I cut my hair to find the right length that represents who I am. I took pictures on day 1 and day 3 to compare hair length.

I need to find the right length of beard that represents who I am. I like the length of it after 2-3 days. I will trim my beard again and let it grow for 2-3 days. Then, I’ll take pictures to see what it looks like.

I need to do a test shoot with the wardrobe, hair cut and beard length I have.

I need to take my wardrobe options to the cleaners.

I need to continue drinking 50 oz of water every day and maintain a healthy diet so that I look and feel my best on camera.

I would also like to film the subtext I created for each character to make sure it reads on camera.

Let’s do this!


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