3 More Weeks Left!

With 3 more weeks left in 2016 (can you believe it?!), here are a few things I
want to accomplish before the year ends. What are some of your
end-of-year goals?

*Finish 4th draft of my James Franco screenplay. This is the draft that
applies some of the feedback I received from the table read. I WILL SELL THIS SCRIPT!

*Secure another audition for a TV series or feature film.

*Celebrate the premieres of two films I was involved in, “Elf on a Shelf” and “Esther & Morty”, and then promote them. We have to make Christmas great again!

*I asked my manager to secure the contact info for a development executive
at Netflix that I had the privilege of pitching to back in 2009. They
secured the info and I will now reach out to request a pitch meeting for
one of my TV series.

*Go out with a beautiful bang with a substantial number of people in my relationship map.

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