I Sent My Business Plan To My Agent

As I gear up to shoot a pilot presentation with some fierce artists, I wanted to first share with you all a great and powerful action I took on my journey as an artist. On September 12th, I signed with a new theatrical agent. A week later, I emailed my agent a copy of my DOIN’ (which stands for Declaration of Independence) A DOIN’ is a business plan, a concise road map, for your career. This powerful document is part of the training and development of every artist at the Richard Lawson Studios.

I emailed my DOIN’ to my agent so that he could see what I’m about as a whole, 360 degree artist. This is who and what I’m about. When I pulled up my DOIN’ on my computer, I read my dreams in a new unit of time and was blown away by them. I have some large dreams! And I loved reading through the specific administration plans I created to get closer and closer to achieving my dreams. I was also amazed by how much I had already achieved and I took pride in crossing things off my DOIN’. I was also very happy to see that certain administrative actions were now a routine part of my life.

I also added some new things to my DOIN’ and made a few things more specific–which is totally cool because your DOIN’ is a living document. A business plan evolves and changes as a person/business evolves and changes. Your DOIN’ should be alive, passionate, personal, specific and fluid. You grow and your DOIN’ grows as well.

I emailed my DOIN’ to my agent with such a tremendous sense of pride. My subtext was, “Wait till you get a load of this!” By sending him this document, we are starting off on the right foot. There are no guessing games. This is it. It’s all laid out and transparent.

Within a few days, he responded and said what a great job I did. He was really impressed with my DOIN’!

Onward and forward!



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