A Blank Canvas.

As artists, we are powerful! We have the power to inspire. The power to change lives. To move people. To affect and create change. To make people think. To make people laugh. To make people cry. To make people rejoice.

Artists are one of the most important groups of people on the planet.

So with your blank canvas, create some art today. Don’t hold back. Be bold. Be brave. Be creative. Be daring. Shock yourself.

Write a song.

Write a poem.

Write a short story.


Choreograph a dance.

Pick a scene from a play or a film and rehearse it with a scene partner.




Film something.

Go do five minutes of stand up comedy.

Go do five minutes at a poetry slam.

Get your musician friends together and create an improvised jam session.

Design an eco-friendly building.

With a blank canvas in front of you, the possibilities are endless. The world is yours.

Create some art today. Change someone’s life.


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