Life Imitates Art

Life imitates art. As soon as I was wrapped from the set of a film on July 24th, I received an email that same night where life imitated art.

I played a writer repped by ICM who is given an ultimatum by his agent to take a four-day writing seminar to improve his writing or be dropped. The hilarious and touching journey my character goes on from being a loser to becoming a winner is documented in this film that I had the honor of executive producing, co-writing and co-starring in. I acted my ass off. I gave it my all.

As soon as I was wrapped, I immediately pulled over the side of the road and FaceTime’d into a production meeting for another film that I am involved in. That’s fucking BOSS.

As soon as I got home from the production meeting, I received an email from a contact that I have been in touch with for several years. He’s a literary agent at one of the top literary agencies in the world. He wrote,

“Dear Jorge,

We would love for you to join us Labor Day weekend as we are hosting a creative retreat…We are inviting all of our friends who are artists/writers/storytellers/musicians/creatively curious folks to unplug, get off the grid, enjoy nature and bond with other creative spirits…Please check out the registration link below. Let me know if you have any questions. We’d very much love for you to be part of what we hope to be a very special weekend.”

I laughed and nearly fell off my chair. Two hours after I was wrapped from set, two hours after playing a writer who is forced to go to a writing seminar, I received this email! The story of my character came to life. The energy and power of collaboration on this film literally translated into this wonderful, real-life opportunity. I am honored for the invitation. And I’m honored that it’s a positive invitation versus an ultimatum given to me by ICM to take a writing seminar or be dropped. The universe is giving me an opportunity to take my artistry to the next level.

I am learning more and more to trust and not question the power of the universe. To receive. To be open. To just put things out there because it will definitely come back in beautiful ways.

Now, I need to write and shoot a film where my character wins millions of dollars…

Until next time!

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