My Meeting With A Manager

As I continue to carve out my career, it’s important to have a team assembled that gets my vision and are willing to work together with me to achieve it. That no idea, no pursuit, no suggestion of mine is crazy. This marriage between us is “yes, and…” or “yes, and how about…”

And when I look at how big my dream is and how I want to marry acting, writing and producing together, I need strategic guidance and support along the way. Don’t get me wrong, I am great with administration and strategic planning, but it does make a difference to have a team on board hustling on your behalf as well.

This is where I have turned the spotlight on managers. A manager would be a great investment in helping me to MANAGE my interests and my dream. To strategically implement the phases of my career. To guide me along the way. Someone who gets the bigger picture. Who gets me.

In my research, I began targeting a list of managers that I could see myself working with. I looked at certain things like the company’s ranking on IMDB, the number of clients they had, the type of work their clients booked, etc. And if available, I read their mission statements to get a sense of what they are all about.

With a great, compelling cover letter and links to my website and reel on hand,
I started submitting to my target list of managers. I received some no’s. I received a yes and had a meeting on Tuesday, June 21st. It went great. I liked their energy. I liked that they asked me questions about my casting (which I broke down for them on both the dramatic and comedic sides) They also asked me about my ultimate dream (which I broke down for them as well and they were impressed)

My ultimate dream, by the way, is: A self-generating artist who creates, writes and stars in their own vehicles. I want to be up there with Tyler Perry, Lena Dunham, Cristela Alonzo, Mindy Kaling, Louis C.K., Tina Fey, etc.

From sharing my ultimate dream, they asked me to give examples of the writing
and producing opportunities I’ve had. I did so and they lit up with excitement.
They were also impressed that I had a lot of knowledge and awareness of the different components and departments that go into shooting a film or a TV series. That I’m not just an actor, but rather, an actor who is aware of the bigger picture when I’m on set. This makes me more valuable because I know how the components come together to create a product. I’m not in the way. Instead, I’m contributing. I know where the camera is and how to act on camera. I know about continuity and matching from take to take. I know where my marks are. I have an awareness of who is who on set and what they do. I have a great attitude on set and I am respectful of all the departments because THEY’RE ALL FUCKING IMPORTANT! Art is a community effort!

I also had an opportunity to ask them questions and I was very pleased with how aligned they were with what I’m looking for.

We had a 30-minute meeting and they decided at the end that they wanted to bring me in again for a second meeting.

I left feeling very happy and accomplished. I had a sense of certainty, but I also listened to them and kept myself open to any info they provided. I kept myself open because I am always willing to learn and grow.

And of course, I celebrated afterwards!

Stay tuned!



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