Bitch, I’m Jorge Ortiz

We interrupt this programming to bring you a very important announcement:

Bitch, I’m Jorge Ortiz (pronounced “George”)

Time to take even more responsibility for my power, talents and skills as an artist and person.

Bitch, I’m Jorge Ortiz (pronounced “George”)

I know what I know.

I know a lot.

I am life force.

I uplift sets and rooms and make them better.

I act. Damn good actor, too.

I write. Damn good writer, too.

I teach. Damn good teacher, too.

Bitch, I’m Jorge Ortiz (pronounced “George”)

I inspire people.

I move people.

I impact others. It’s time to own that and claim that.

I also need to know the impact I have on others I’ll never meet or know about.

I know what I know.

I’m not Richard Lawson.

I’m not Milton Katselas.

I’m not Ivana Chubbuck.

I’m not Lesly Kahn.


Bitch, I’m Jorge Ortiz (pronounced “George”)

You’re getting me and what I know.

IMDB credits, lack of IMDB credits, lack of TV credits-

Bitch, I’m Jorge Ortiz (pronounced “George”)

I change lives.

Yes, I claim that and I have pride about that.

I blog. Every week. I blog about my experience, my journey, my voice, my POV. All of which are valid.

I’m much better at not comparing myself to others. I am able to cut it off at the pass a lot more faster. They are them. I am me. And I’m just as valid. I am on my own fantastic journey.

Bitch, I’m Jorge Ortiz (pronounced “George”)

Now back to our regularly scheduled program.

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