Advice From A TV Writer

March 2016 was a blessed month of meeting TV showrunners and writers. I’d like to quickly share my last experience of March.

I had the honor and pleasure of being introduced to a working television writer. We spoke over the phone this past Wednesday and had a great connection and vibe. It was a wonderful, 45-minute conversation that covered our individual journeys as artists, our writing interests, the business of the entertainment world, etc.

I truly hope this is the start of a great relationship built on mutual respect, drive, work ethic, a love for storytelling and a love for creating compelling shows. An opportunity for me to keep learning and expanding. It was also re-affirming to be on the same page with a few things we talked about. Likewise, it was really cool for me to hear and learn new things as well.

Below are some highlights of wisdom they shared with me:

Keep writing.

Keep writing.

Keep writing.

Keep writing because you will get better and better.

There is no one way to make it in the entertainment world. There is no one direct path to making it. There are many paths to success.

Workshop your writings in class. Get actors to rehearse your scenes and put them up in class.

Keep writing.

Perform career administration (actions you take for your career)  Network; send your writings to agents; submit to competitions; film your written work and promote it.

One thing that was a re-affirmation was CERTAINTY. This writer has certainty about their work and certainty while being in the room with other writers and the showrunner and the TV network executives. Certainty that they know what they know and that they can deliver.

This television writer also invited me to share my pilots with them in three weeks!

Onward and upward!


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