Skeletons In The Closet
The amazingly talented actress, Eileen Galindo, invited me to be a guest storyteller for a really cool, monthly series in Downtown LA called “Shaking The Tree”. I’m really honored she considered me for it and that I get to participate in it. And it’s no accident that I received the invitation as soon as I got back from NYC. There is something to be said about outflow equaling inflow. But more specifically, directed outflow. I spent seven days in NYC shooting a feature film and I promoted this incredible opportunity with intention every single day on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I was enthusiastic, witty, clever, clearly in my element while on set. I posted two blog entries during that week as well. One blog entry focused on me heading over there and the other blog entry focused on funny things I said on set. I was on set for 12 hours a day. And so all of that powerful, directed outflow brought in this opportunity.

And as I look at the remainder of the year, I want to continue being incredibly intentional in fulfilling goals both small, medium and large.

Going back to the “Shaking The Tree” series which takes place on Friday, October 16th, this month’s theme is “Skeletons In The Closet”. Eileen is giving me and the other guest storytellers the freedom to interpret that theme–how we want–through visual media, songs, writings, etc. I know what I want to share and look forward to tweaking it over the next few days. And for me, it’s always great to share personal things through art because that’s where it has value and worth.

Upsets, secrets, liabilities, pain, darkness, etc. can (and should) be expressed through the medium of art so that it becomes both a healing and learning experience for the artist and for others who come in contact with their art. I’ve channelled a lot of my personal pain and upsets through acting, writing and dancing. My pain became works of art that affected me and others. So, it will be great to share my skeleton(s) in the closet in an artistic way for an audience.

If you’re interested in attending, please click on the link below for more info!

All my best,




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