My 2015 Accomplishments

As 2015 winds down to an end, now is a great time to take inventory at the year that was. My teacher, Richard Lawson, asked us in his Professional Development Program 2.0 class to write down our wins (aka accomplishments) for 2015. Writing down our wins really helps us to acknowledge and solidify how much we ACTUALLY accomplished versus what we thought we didn’t accomplish. Also, it shows us what we achieved as a result of all the hard work we did throughout the year.

Too often, people don’t consider something a win unless they book a paid acting job. Nonsense. A win is any advancement you make in your life and career. Richard teaches “to never let your expectations get higher than your gratitude”. We shared our wins in class and it kept us in gratitude.

So here are my wins and I am damn proud to share them with you. And I know I’m forgetting a bunch LOL! And to reiterate, these wins are a result of my sustained effort and the day-to-day application of my career administration.

I’ll see you all in 2016 with a brand new blog entry. I’ll be in Iowa for the holidays to visit family, but also to scout locations for the James Franco screenplay I wrote because the story takes place in Iowa!


*Rang in 2015 with friends and royalty.

*Had a pre-birthday celebration with friends.

*Mailed out card to Josh Lieberman at CAA to continue staying in touch.

*Happy Birthday to me!

*“Sex, Lies and Videotape” scene starring myself and Linday Hopper was screened in scene study class. We originally put it up in class as a scene and then filmed it. Master teacher and actor Richard Lawson called me a matinee idol.

*Started targeting three TV shows I wanted to be on.

*Friday, January 16th to Thursday, January 22nd, I completed 36 out of 37 items on my career administration list for my priority target project.


*Performed the same scene from “Sex, Lies & Videotape” with Lindsay Hopper for the Richard Lawson Studios open class. Our filmed version of the scene also screened during the open class. The next day, Richard told Lindsay and I that we did a fantastic job at the open class and that we beautifully delivered and represented his teaching.

*Got in touch with the agent of Andrew Haigh (executive producer of HBO’s “Looking” and director of “45 Years”) and he forwarded my materials to his client. I communicated with the agent for a whole year before I asked him if he could forward my materials to Andrew Haigh.

*Attended official Oscars viewing party with my friend Lindsay Hopper and was styled by Marcc Rose (who played Tupac in “Straight Outta Compton”)

*Attended The Paley Center’s HBO “Looking” screening and Q&A and met creator Michael Lannan and executive producer Andrew Haigh.

*I acted in a feature film table reading and played a character from Richard Pryor’s life.


*Acted in a wedding feature film for Richard Lawson and Tina Knowles. Starring Richard, Tina and various acting and musical heavy-hitters.

*Attended the wedding of the year for Richard Lawson and Tina Knowles.

*I did COLD stand up comedy in scene study class where I talked about Nick Jonas and hot country singers. I killed it!

*Made it into People Magazine with Beyonce and my friends. Picture was taken at Richard Lawson and Tina Knowles’ wedding!

Where the fuck is April?! LOL


*Wrote new TV pilot in 7 ½ hours.

*Received video shout out from one of my favorite drag queens, Peaches Christ (Thank you Sayaka Miyatani for hooking it up!)

*Continued writing my James Franco as-the-antagonist feature film screenplay.


*Had 3 agent meetings and 1 manager meeting.

*Had a sexual re-awakening, put myself back on the market and remembered that I am hot and desirable.

*Signed with Prodigy Talent.

*Successful periodontal oral surgery.

**I was a script supervisor on a short film that fellow friend and classmate, Marie Victoria Ray, wrote. Starring Marie and friend and classmate, Kelly Tighe, and directed by friend and classmate, Angela Robinson Witherspoon. (On December 11th, we found out that “Wish Me Luck” got into the 2016 San Diego Black Film Festival! Road trip!)

*Played a transgender woman in a short film that one of my classmates, Jenna Lee, wrote and starred in.


*Launched a new weekly blog, “Chasing The George”. Thank you Richard Lawson for highly encouraging me to start a weekly blog.

*Finished first draft of my James Franco screenplay.


*Had an on-camera audition where I played a guy trying weed for the first time and I KILLED it. Thank you Lindsay Hopper for writing the scene and thank you Marie Victoria Ray and Sayaka Miyatani for helping me prepare for the audition!

*I was a guest DJ for the Richard Lawson Studios scene study class for three weeks straight and KILLED it. Pour some mother fucking sugar on me!!! (Yes Sayaka Miyatani!)

*Did a scene from “I Like It Like That” with Angie Russell in scene study class.

*Submitted my writing samples to television writer Tanya Saracho. She put out a request for comedic Latin writers for a show her friend was developing.

**Celebrated 13 years of living in LA!!

**Saw two promo scenes for a feature film I’m cast in titled, “Mujer Mia”. I play a principal character in this film that is based on true events.


*Acted as an extra in a fellow classmate’s first short film project. Congrats Amy Garis and Ludwig Manukian!

*Reclaimed my love for singing and successfully care-fronted a director
regarding an event that caused me to stop singing.

*Won a year-long scholarship to Dallas Travers’ Thriving Artist Circle program.

*Was the first assistant director and acted in a feature film in NYC titled, "Ronnie: Cary Grant’s Younger Brother”, that was directed by Angela Robinson Witherspoon! Pick up shots in LA on January 7th, 2016!

October (What the fuck happened with this month too?! LOL)

*Was invited to be a guest speaker, along with a handful of other professional working actors, for the monthly “Shaking The Tree” series in Downtown LA and I kicked ass. Thank you Eileen Galindo for the opportunity.


*Acted in a kick-ass scene with Shaw Jones and Jenna Skeva from “Blue Valentine” for scene study class. Women fell in love with me after that scene 🙂

*Finished second draft of my James Franco feature film.

*Picture taken with major pop star.

*Documented a typical week (7 days) of my career administration on Twitter and received great feedback from followers and non-followers.


*That TV pilot I wrote in 7 ½ hours back in May, Richard Lawson gave me great notes on it. I made the pilot the second episode and wrote a new pilot episode in one day! The logline for the TV series is solidified!

*My blog entry titled Race-Blind Casting was featured in the Arts and Entertainment section of a major UK publication. Thank you Aida Rodriguez for the hook up!

**FilmTVDiversity and YoungHollywoodBlast gave my blog, “Chasing The George”, shout outs on Twitter.

**Backstage Magazine liked two of my blog entries on Twitter.

*Re-visited and tweaked a short film that I originally wrote in 20 minutes back in December 20th, 2013.

*27 weekly blog entries written since July 2015! Including today’s blog entry! Go “Chasing The George”!

*Began rehearsals with Reed Iacarella for a scene from the movie, “My Beautiful Laundrette”, for scene study class.

*Commercial print audition with my friends. We auditioned as a group (Avery Whitmore, Jenna Skeva, Kelly Tighe, Lindsay Hopper, Marie Victoria Ray, Reed Iacarella & Sayaka Miyatani) I wish I could always audition with people I love and care about!

*Receiving new contract from lawyer and production company to finalize the distribution deal for a feature film I’m in titled, “Zombie TV”. I play a principal character in it.

*My friend, Bobby Hill, who I just adore, called me his big brother on Twitter. I can’t even begin to express how much that means to me.

Overall 2015 wins:

*My artistry and my career administration are working beautifully together. My administration is consistent and in a great flow and rhythm.

*My average IMDB Starmeter ranking for 2015: In the low 40,000’s!

**My voice is clear on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

#AskJorge is associated with me. Thank you to my PDP 2.0 family for giving me that hashtag nickname (Ahmad Black, Angela Robinson Witherspoon, Beth Pennington, David Edelstien, Jenna Skeva, Kelly Tighe, Lindsay Hopper, Marie Victoria Ray, Reed Iacarella, Robin Karfo & Sayaka Miyatani)

*I made more supplemental income this year than in 2014. Supplemental income for my work as a private career administration consultant.

*Throughout the year, I taught the Professional Development Program 1.0 and 2.0 classes at the Richard Lawson Studios. These classes are no joke. Ask anyone who has taken it or is currently in them.

*Throughout the year, I supported my friends and community by seeing their stage shows, their TV episodics, their movies, their projects, their dance recitals, by assisting on their film shoots, by contributing to their causes and campaigns, by being a great listener, etc.

*Another glorious year under my belt of scene study and Professional Development Program 2.0 classes!

*Lots of laughs and great, deep conversations shared with great friends like DawnMarie Ferrara, Michael Manuel Sanders, Geri Atos, Angie Russell, Jonathan Mateer, my younger brother Bobby Hill, etc. Bobby, our conversations are so epic…We are the next Plato, Milton and Socrates! BChill Entertainment, Chasing The George!

*Weekly career administration group meetings. Thank you to my fearless admin group members: Ahmad Black, Beth Pennington, Jenna Skeva, Sapir Azulay and Sayaka Miyatani. We are the Spice Girls and Ahmad is our manager!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! I’ll be back with a new blog entry in January 2016 xoxo

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